H e l l o  ! from Tuffet.Co

 ABOUT Deborah Reyner, the creative hand behind Tuffet.Co has spent a life working in the world of textiles & design. As a small business entrepreneur she developed simple, well-crafted and beautiful home accessories. DWCD Hearts & doorstops became classics in the home & gift market. The doorstop was in for Mulberry range for 5+ years, as was the bedlinen designed linen bedlinen for Heal's.

 After a long break from production, as an adopted Londoner, struggling with small space issues, looking for a perfect piece of furniture to accommodate guests, serve up a cup of tea, or put well deserved feet up at the end of the day. On a trip to Wales, she stumbled across a producer of sustainable wool and the Tuffet was born.  

Tuffet quality is special - we are lucky to know British makers that know how to make those finishing touches.

Ideas, trims & fabrics are sourced from vintage fairs & warehouses and many years at French markets. Lovers of authentic cloth like our popular wool herringbone from Scotland & Yorkshire now a heart-stealing bestseller. And linen of course! 

Hand-tinted leather handles make a Tuffet easily portable and 'the most useful item we did not know we needed' apparently

Ask us about our bespoke orders. 

BESPOKE & collaborations

"Thank you very much to Tuffet.Co for excellent service and quality - my perfect pouffe is a part of the family helping seat extra guests, act as an impromptu coffee table or serve dry Martinis with a twist. Oh, and it is perfect for feet-up in front of an old movie on a Sunday afternoon."